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Maternity Reflexology

Maintain a Healthy Mind and Body, the Natural Way!

Reflexology is a popular complementary health therapy with couples trying to conceive as it helps you relax, aids sleep and helps relieve tension.
Treatments prior to conception would include additional work on the reflexes relating to the endocrine system and the reproductive system reflexes.

It is recommended that both the partners have regular Reflexology to ensure that they are in optimum condition and fertility levels are maximised. A treatment during ovulation may be helpful.

During pregnancy, women may find Reflexology to be very relaxing, helping them to maintain health and well-being. The treatment may also help to cope with the change in hormone levels within the body and encourage the efficient removal of bodily waste.

During pregnancy time, women experience hormone changes, bodily changes, emotions and feelings and at this time they deserve special care. Reflexology is second to none as a complimentary therapy before, during and after pregnancy. In this world where we rush about so much, it gives the mother-to-be one hour of quality time to just ‘be’.

It may also ease many conditions associated with pregnancy that mothers-to-be may have.

The unborn baby also enjoys Reflexology and it is common for it to become very active during a treatment.

Ladies who experience Reflexology throughout their pregnancy often report a much shorter labour and less need for intervention.

Reflexology may bring great benefit to mothers after the birth. The treatment helps to rebalance the body after a lot of physical and emotional changes and may help speed up the healing process.

Please note the following conditions are contraindicated:
Placenta Previa (low lying placenta if 32 weeks or more), Pre-term Labour (any time before end of 37 weeks of pregnancy), Hydroamnios (too much fluid around the baby after 32 weeks), severe cellulitis, fever or contagious illness, Thrombosis/DVT or pulmonary embolism, athletes foot or clients that are currently under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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