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I have trained in the Bergman MethodTM by its creator Ziggie Berman, award winning reflexologist to the stars with the London School of Reflexology. Facial Reflexology has all the benefits of foot reflexology, however, with this treatment the focus is on the points located on the face.

Gentle stimulation of these points has an effect on the corresponding part of the body which helps the body’s healing mechanisms, improve circulation and lymph flow, help eliminate toxins, reduce anxiety, lift mood, reduce stress and may help alleviate many health issues.

This wonderfully relaxing treatment has often immediate effects as the face is in close proximity to the brain, it is deeply relaxing.
Not only may this treatment work for well-being, it has the added bonus of improving the appearance of the face and may make the face look younger, healthier and feel brighter, it is deeply restorative.
Overall the treatment will leave clients feeling totally relaxed and are they often asleep within a few moves of this treatment.

If you enjoy facials but do not like having your feet touched, this is perfect for you. Only the face and neck are exposed when having facial reflexology. The face is wiped using a gentle facial wipes or an organic cleanser and hot towel to remove excess makeup for optimal results, however, there will be no need to remove eye make up.

Only your shoes will need to removed for this treatment as you relax on a comfortable couch with a soft blanket. A natural and organic pre-blended elixir is used providing a wholly holistic facial treatment (or grapeseed oil can be used). At the end of the session I will give you some aftercare advice and a couple of key reflex points to work on as self help at home.
Please note that this treatment can be done without the use of oils.
Before any facial reflexology I will check for any skin allergies or sensitivities and show you the products that I use to ensure they are suitable for you.

Please note that the following are contraindicated conditions:
Eye irritations or infections, recent laser surgery, plastic surgery around the eyes, cold sores, acne, boils, open wounds, cracked or bleeding lips, recent waxing or electrolysis, rash or irritation, recent facial surgery, swelling, inflammation, serious disorders or infections of the skin or scalp, fever or contagious illness. Any recent head or neck injuries, osteoporosis or clients that are currently under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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